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The · Lone · Creek · Pack

Welcome to the Lone Creek Pack

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great moon it has been a long time, here are much much needed updates!!

Dark Flower-on a small journey of soul searching, she'll be back dont worry
Desdemona- here as always
Birdsong- still kickin; thank you very much, but very deeply missing her Lazzi

Ravenglow- has been apointed beta in Sweets absence
Mud Claws-back together with DF (as they should be!)
Longstrider-misses his SF, but here as always
Star Seeker- has a mate now we dont know hs name, I'll see if i can find it out
Morning Bringer
Willow Wisp
Firespark-closer than ever with Star Seeker (her mate is not too happy!)
Sun Spot these guys are all still around and doing alright for themselves...
Dusk Coat

Sweet Fur- settled in to a new territory with Night Storm for company
Nightsorm- see above
Lazzi- in another territory, hes okay i heard recently
Sunfire - she is the closest of them all but is still away

NO LONGER IN THE PACK (G= left on good terms, B=left on bad terms)
Cotton Grass G
Owl Feather G
Moonracer B
Apple Blossom B
Persei G
Wind Voice G
Bleeding Heart G

Raw Bones
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Hello outside world!

Dark Flower here again. It's been way too long. And it will take too long to try to recap everything thats happened!

So, for starters, some pack members are leaving.
First, this should have been officially posted a while ago, but Longstrider has been reaccepted to the pack.

But Night Shade has been chased out. There were some (major) problems that I had with him and him not keeping his paws to himself, and it caused too much distress. So he's outta here.

The following wolves are leaving. They are going on a treck, kinda like becoming loners in search of a new pack, but they will always be welcomed back into our pack. It is time for them to find a new life, but will not be forgotten; its just their time to start fresh.

Sweet Fur. (Which reminds me, Birdsong: we need a new beta!!) She has a destination in mind, and its gonna be a long run...

Night Coat. He is going to be traveling with Sweet Fur.

Lazzi. He will not be as far as Sweet Fur and Night Coat, and will prolly be able to visit easier.

Sun Fire is going a little farther than Lazzi, but not as far as Night Coat and Sweet Fur.

Moonracer is also gone, but it doesn't look like he'll be back.

Well, that looks like about it. I'll try to be better at keeping this up.

Till then, adieu

Dark Flower
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Lone Creek Pack Land
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Well, there have been many changes from the Winter Ball!!!

First, I (this is Dark Flower, mind you) am back together with Mud Claws.
Our loveable beta, Sweet Fur, is with the newly re-admitted Long Strider.

Second, Birdsong has pup back! ^o^-OOooo

There is anther Ball coming up, this one much bigger than the Winter one. The Spring Ball. I'm kinda freaking out, because I can only go by invite. Because I am one of the youngest pack members if I were to go, it would have to be with someone in the right year range. I'm too young by a year, but because I am going with Mud Claws, its okay. Birdsong and Lazzi are going; Sweet Fur and Longstrider; Night Storm and his mate; and to be honest, its getting hard to tell who's going with who anymore.

well, I have to go now, but I will try to finish this update later, after my hunt!~
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ohh la la df i saw you and him! what pack is he from? whats his name?
there now that that is out of my system on to bussiness

the winter ball was a blast
everyone was all glowy even the reserved Kahz looked dapper and let loose (on Nails!)Longstrider groomed his fur and made an entrance with Milkweed and a wolf from another pack (i dont know her name) Night Storm also had a date from another pack. and Sunchaser apparently has a problem with Lazzi and I ( quiet df!)Sweets and Muddy were nuzzly, Apple Blossom and Ravenglow danced. it was all alot of fun!

i hope we can get Sweets to post again soon you havent heard from her in a while!

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umm im not sure what this is exactly
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sorry to say it, but unlike Birdy's feel of how the New Cycle has gone... for me its been very difficult.

there have been many fudes, many fights, much disagrements, so much dissapointment.

on the bright side there has been almost as many tail wags due to fun parties, new romances, and maybe the notion of pups to come!

but shhhhh....you didnt hear it from me!

i have someone who is courting me. and let me tell you, if wolves could do the human act of blushing, thats what id do. *head drops, tail droops, toung out in goofy smile*

but thats not the important part. what matters is the fact the winter ball is this weekend! im so excited. Birdy and I both have dates for it (I know, I'm breaking my own New Cycle resoloution. sorry.) Sweets also has a date. but Dessy decided to not go and watch over the pack members that arent going.

Im tired right now because I'm slightly sick, so will go now and leave you to ponder that above.

~Dark Flower

ps. worried about cirtian pack members too...
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well it has been pretty quiet since the new year began. there are new loves, and new friends.
Mud Claws has asked Sweet Fur to be his mate. And Lazzi asked me to be his. the winter ball it quickly approaching and plans are being made. it is going to be held on another packs land. it rotates yearly. it is a time for the wolves of the area to get together and bond. its a good time. we can catch up on all the news and gossip. im sure there will be interesting stories afterwards!
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its the begining of a New Year. following traditions from a neighboring pack, yesterday was the end of the last year. today begins the new cycle of Twelve Moons. so in celebration, The Pack had a celebration.

well, not the whole Pack. part of our Pack, and some from another pack. Myself, Birdsong, Sweet Fur, Ravenglow, Lazzi, Khaz, Star Seeker, Night Storm, and two from the neighboring pack. friends of our beta, Sweet Fur.

there was much romping in the snow, and play wrestling. it was a great way to feel united within part of our Pack, and with some of another pack. I dont think ive had so much fun in a long time.

I have decided with the start of the Cycle of Moons, that I am going to try not to get my heart involved again. i let it get attached once, and he tore it out with his fangs. the second time, as it healed, I was with another, but it slowly dried up taking its long slow painful time. part of that was due to the first, who decided to tear away at it again, as with Birdsongs's.

so, as of now, i hold true to 'no pups'. but mostly for myself. the better to watch over the pack.

have a happy New Cycle

Dark Flower
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this it Birdsong again DF will have to show me how to get colored text. well if you read the pack profiles list you would have seen we (at least DF and SF, i was not ready to admit) had suspected that the shy Lazzi (his name is pronounced Latzy) has feelings for yours truly. we suspect no more, he asked me to come watch the sunrise with him i said okay. although still a little leary after the Longstrider drama. I had a very good time. The wolves winter ball is rapidly approaching maybe i will have a date.

what do you think?

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Two days after the winter solstis, we decided to go for a celebratory hunt. we being Birdsong Desdamona and I.

The winter solstis is the shortest day of the year, the middle of winter. our hunt was a celebration of the spring to come.

We left Sweet Fur in charge of the sleeping pack. the glow of dawn played with the horizon that was visible between the trees. I nuzzled the sleeping pups.

They were the newest addition to the pack. A pair of pups from the same litter. very small, both female. but more about them later.

With a soft woof to our beta, we trotted away. the path we followed was a familiar one, leading us to the small clearing tatt we marked for only us.

By the time we neared the clearing, the sun was up. the sun sparkled on the snow, making it crunchy. i hadnt felt that yound in a long time. we ran through the fresh snow, nipping at it, and chaing each other. suddenly, Desdamona froze.

She raised her head, eyes half closed. "I smell deer." She said, eyes bright.

We fell silent, and crept to the sent of deer. she had her back to us, head down, pawing at the snow, looking for something to eat.

Birdsong dropped down low, and Desdamona did the same. I crept around the deer, making a wide circle, and keeping down wind. I was silent, but hoped she didnt look up. My black fur stood out against the snow like a sore paw. when I was across my other alphas, i sprang out into the clearing, kicking up snow behind me. I ran at the doe, and she ran from me, white tail bobbling. when she tried to turn to avoid me, Birdsong popped out from her hiding place. the deer tripped and skidded. she got up, and ran, Birdsong on one side, me on the other.

I nipped at her hooves, and felt Birdsong fall back. I put on a burst of speed, and cut the doe off, forcing her to turn. she slipped and slid through the snow trying to turn. I hearded her around the clearing.

Desdamona's sent reached me, and I forcedthe deer to trun again, sending her barraling into Desdamona's reach.

I fell backk, and plopped down in the snow, toung lolling out, watching Desdamona run the deer down, then Birdsong. The snow had melted around my body, and slowly I got to my paws. by the time I was up, the doe was hobbling her way to me.

I rocked back on my haunches, ready to strike, when the der fell, Birdsong on her back.

By now, the sun was up in the sky. we ate till our bellies bulged.

Birdsong curled up, a smudge of blood on her blue-grey muzzle. Desdamona streched out on her side and licked her lips. I pulled the corners of my lips back into a smile. I tasted the blood on my lips, but didnt lick it off. I lay down, and we didnt move untill the sun dismounted its throne high in the sky.
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Hullo to all--

I am the pack's beta, Sweet Fur.

* * *
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